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Customer Care

Purchasing and Usage Policy for the BLACK & GRIM Store

Users may select products they wish to purchase and add them to their "shopping cart." After finalizing their selection, they can complete the purchase by proceeding to "checkout." Users must provide specific details as indicated on the payment form; these details are necessary to complete the transaction.


Users must be at least 16 to make purchases on the BLACK & GRIM website. All provided details must be accurate to ensure quick and trouble-free order processing. Payment can be made via a "PAYPAL" account/service.


The finalization of any purchase is subject to the approval and verification of the transaction by PayPal and the availability of the requested product in BLACK & GRIM's stock at the time of sale completion. The information entered on the registration page, and the transaction record on the company's website will approve the actions and their respective timings.

Providing false information is a criminal offense, and individuals involved could face legal consequences.

Should PayPal fail to approve the transaction, the user will be notified accordingly. If the user does not settle the transaction payment within three days of receiving this notification, BLACK & GRIM will consider the transaction canceled. The delivery schedule commences from the date of PayPal's transaction approval.


Product Warranty:

BLACK & GRIM, or anyone acting on its behalf, is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage from using a product purchased from the site. The user is solely responsible for any damage caused to BLACK & GRIM's products through unintended use.

Shipping Policy:

Unless otherwise specified in the order process, BLACK & GRIM dispatches all items within 14 days of order receipt. Any delay or cancellation will be communicated to the customer. The shipping cost, determined at the time of purchase, may vary if additional products are included in the same shipment. If, for any reason, BLACK & GRIM cannot send the order according to the agreed terms, the order will be canceled, and a refund will be issued to the customer per the site's terms of use.


Shipping and Packaging Fees:

The user pays shipping fees at the time of purchase and includes costs related to handling and packaging. As BLACK & GRIM operates on the POD (PRINT ON DEMAND) model and doesn't hold product inventory, it utilizes services from leading international sub-suppliers. Shipping and packaging fees may vary per product. Any delivery issues will be addressed seriously upon contacting BLACK & GRIM via email.


Canceling a Transaction:

Following the Consumer Protection Law 1981, users may cancel a transaction. Cancellations can be made up to 14 days from the product's receipt date and must be communicated to BLACK & GRIM in writing or via email.

In case of transaction cancellation, the user will bear the shipping fees in both directions. BLACK & GRIM may also deduct any additional expenses incurred directly due to the cancellation.

If the product has been delivered to the user as per the agreed delivery method, the user has 14 days to cancel the transaction. Within this period, the user must return the product undamaged, unused, and at their own expense to BLACK & GRIM's warehouse. The user will be fully charged for shipping fees even if they have not yet received the product, provided the company has already dispatched it.

BLACK & GRIM reserves the right to cancel a transaction or sale in whole or in part in the following scenarios:

  • A technical fault prevented proper use of the company's website, disrupting the order.

  • An error on the website, either in the product price or the product description.

  • A malfunction that caused a communication disruption in the PAYPAL payment network or any other factor that prevented BLACK & GRIM from receiving proper payment for the purchase.

  • Force majeure, acts of war, hostility, terrorism, or anything else that prevents a proper sale from being executed.

  • If the purchase was made against BLACK & GRIM's proper procedures

Users will be notified of sale cancellation via email to the address provided on the registration page.

If a product runs out of stock after a sale, BLACK & GRIM may cancel the sale and offer an equivalent replacement product. Users will be notified of such cancellations via email.

Privacy & Safety


BLACK & GRIM take standard precautions to maintain the confidentiality of the information as far as possible. BLACK & GRIM or anyone on its behalf commits not to use customer details registered on the website except for operating the website and facilitating the purchase process.

Payment Methods


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